ABOUT US | Cornerstone Dealer Development | Special Finance Accelerated | Cornerstone Dealer Development Get Your #FoundationToWin & Dominate with our Subprime Sales Training, Special Finance Training, F&I Training, Automotive Sales Training, and Leadership Development. Automotive Dealers can position themselves to dominate in their markets with our proprietary Cornerstone C3 ℠ Sales Process, our CreditCare ℠ Subprime Selling System, and our XperienceCare ℠ F&I Selling System.


Our mission is to provide the very best foundation of training, development, and support for Automotive Dealerships to grow and prosper. Dealers can position themselves to dominate in their markets with our proprietary CreditCare℠ Subprime Selling System, our XperienceCare℠ F&I Selling System, and our Cornerstone CS3℠ Sales Process


All of our efforts are focused on developing people, systems, processes, and profit in the Dealership. Cornerstone Dealer Development strongly believes in strategic development to maximize training effectiveness and foster long term success.


We specialize in providing the most comprehensive and effective Special Finance Training & Development in the Industry. Whether it is a stand alone department, a function of the sales desk, extension of the conventional F&I office, or an opportunity that has yet to leave the ground….Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC has the expertise to take your Dealership to the next level. The CreditCare℠ Subprime Selling System helps to put your dealership in a position to get more appointments, more approvals, and more deliveries!


With the ever-changing landscape of the Automotive Industry F&I product sales are becoming even more critical to the overall health of the dealership. The greatest opportunity in increasing F&I product sales is in leveraging the emotional buying motives that compelled the customer to purchase the vehicle in the first place! It’s all about being a motivator not an order-taker! Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC helps Automotive Dealers realize record breaking sales & profits by teaching and coaching F&I managers to become trusted advisors and seamlessly accelerate their success in F&I through their ability to Connect, Compel, and Commit!


In addition to the very best Special Finance Training, F&I Training, and Sales Training; Cornerstone Dealer Development also offers many other dealer development opportunities. Call 888-365-0107 for more information.


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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader!”
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