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F&I Training

Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC has led small Independent Dealers to large Franchise Dealer Groups to realize record breaking Product Sales and Back-end Profits.

WE LEAD FROM THE FRONT! All of our efforts are focused on developing people, processes, and profit in the Dealership!

The undisputable way to grow P.R.U. and F&I Department Gross is to increase product sales. With the ever-changing landscape of the Automotive Industry F&I product sales are becoming even more critical to the overall health of the dealership.

Most F&I managers are completely missing the greatest opportunity in increasing their sales. The majority of all F&I presentations and “canned” closing techniques employed rely solely upon customer reason. Unfortunately, no one buys based on reason alone. Emotion trumps logic in sales! Purchases are made emotionally and then sometimes justified logically. When a customer chooses an F&I product package, they aren’t just choosing a payment, they a choosing an ownership experience.

The greatest opportunity in increasing F&I product sales is in leveraging the emotional motives that compelled the customer to buy the vehicle in the first place! Customers don’t buy products they buy how they envision the products will make them feel. Everything purchased on this planet is purchased because of one or more of the Six Emotional Motives to Buy.  Today’s customers purchase vehicles to feel Important, feel Independent, feel Responsible, feel Rewarded, feel Secure, and feel Loved.

It’s all about being a motivator not an order-taker! Customers will buy more products more often by linking product packages to ownership experiences; and by painting pictures of experiences that are aligned with the customers’ emotional motives to buy.

Our proprietary XperienceCare℠ F&I Selling System is designed to help automotive dealers achieve:

  1. More Products Sales

  2. Less Charge-Backs

  3. More Customer Satisfaction

XperienceCare℠ Certified Professionals work to become a trusted advisor and seamlessly accelerate their success in F&I through their ability to Connect, Compel, and Commit!

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