Special Finance Training | Cornerstone Dealer Development | Special Finance Accelerated | Cornerstone Dealer Development Get Your #FoundationToWin & Dominate with our Subprime Sales Training, Special Finance Training, F&I Training, Automotive Sales Training, and Leadership Development. Automotive Dealers can position themselves to dominate in their markets with our proprietary Cornerstone C3 ℠ Sales Process, our CreditCare ℠ Subprime Selling System, and our XperienceCare ℠ F&I Selling System.


Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC specializes in providing the most comprehensive and effective Special Finance Training & Development in the Industry. All Special Finance Training & Development is specifically tailored to each dealerships’ needs as well as their short and long-term goals.

Whether it is a stand-alone department, a function of the sales desk, extension of the conventional F&I office, or an opportunity that has yet to leave the ground….Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC has the expertise to take your dealership to the next level.  All of our efforts are focused on developing people, processes, and profit in your store. Operational structures and staff vary, but success is always found at the intersection of People, Process, Systems, and Promotion.


Cornerstone Dealer Development, LLC contends that Special Finance is far more than an incremental opportunity! Special Finance is creative solutions to everyday problems such as poor credit history, no credit history, limited income, limited work history, negative equity, and limited cash down. With the majority of our population in need of solutions to these everyday problems, it is critical for automotive dealerships to be highly skilled in helping and converting special finance customers. There is a big difference between “finding” and “creating” special finance deals!

Dealerships that stand out create special finance deals, become a trusted advisor,  and strategically sell solutions! Dealers that dominate create the most profitable approvals and then maximize their opportunity by motivating their customers to work as hard as they do to secure financing and delivery of a newer nicer vehicle. Our proprietary CreditCare℠ Subprime Selling System is designed to help automotive dealers advance and conquer in their market by educating, instructing and coaching them how to:

  1. Get Everyone Approved!

  2. Create Customers That Are Flexible!

  3. Create Customers That Sacrifice! (More Down Payment & More Co-Signers)

  4. Create Deals That Exceed Benchmarks!

  5. Close More Deals More Often!

  6. Maximize Leads & Get Additional Traffic!

  7. Change Lives In & Outside Their Dealership!

The custom tailored Special Finance Training & Development helps put the dealership in a position to offer an approval to every customer and fully maximize each approval, while adding value in, and selling the personal solution. CreditCare℠ Certified Professionals work to become a trusted advisor and seamlessly accelerate their success through their ability to Connect, Compel & Commit!